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2016 Fruitland Falcon Football Rules



1. Plays to be run (ball snapped) within 35 sec. & the ball cannot be snapped until 10 seconds after the ball is set. Referee will keep foot on ball. ( referee’s to monitor and enforce) Push coaches in huddle, warn them (3 times), and then flag them for delay of game. (NOT WHAT WE WANT)



* Inside the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half, the 10 second delay in snapping the ball will be removed. (hurry up offense)

* There are no warnings for delay of game in the last 2 minutes.   

2. 5 players have to be on the line of scrimmage (LOS) & 3 must be consecutive @ the ball. (Guard, Center, Guard & 2 eligible ends or wide receivers) The Center and the 2 nearest linemen, regardless of formation, are NOT eligible receivers OR BALL CARRIRERS regardless of their unique weight. They can split, (left or right) but they must be set on the LOS when the QB says SET and before the ball is snapped. (If you snap the ball on a quick count, silent, no huddle, all 5 linemen must be in a set position, which is a 3 or 4 point stance, NOT 2pt stance)

3. Backs (either) but only one, can motion either left or right. They do not have to be set. They must go laterally or backwards, they cannot go forward before the snap of the ball.

4. The offensive back field can have an “empty backfield “ (QB only with the other two backs split or flanked out)



Note: The offensive backs must be off the line of scrimmage with (5) players on the LOS. Penalty is 5yd and replay down or defense can take the play as it stands. Defensive team’s call.


Offenses must pass the ball 2 (U10), 4(U12) & 6(U14) times per game respectively per age group. There is NO pass rule for the U8 division. This is enforced at the 2 MIN warning by a SINGLE 15 yd penalty & automatic 1st down. This is offsetting in attempts if both teams are under their respective minimum quantity, the lesser of the attempts will then be assessed the penalty. SPIKING THE BALL AND SHUTTLE PASSES DO NOT COUNT AS A PASS ATTEMPT.  A pass is only counted if it is attempted to be thrown across the line of scrimmage or outside the end box. 

6. Play after an opponent scores will start from the 35 yard line.



7. Coaches on the field: U12/14 = 1 coach. U10/U8= 2 coaches



8. Coaches on the field cannot direct players to do things they might not have done on their own.   If a QB is rolling out to pass and he is just not throwing the ball because he’s afraid he won’t throw a good pass the coach CAN tell him to “throw it!”  This is fine because this was the intent of the play and something the players need to gain confidence in making the attempt.  However, if on the same play the coach notices the opposite side of the field has opened up.  He CANNOT tell the QB to turn and run the other way.   This is going to be a judgement call by the officials and the coach will get a warning on the first occurrence then a 10 yard penalty each time afterwards.  Coaches on the sideline can call out anything they like.




1. Defenses can play with a 3, 4 or 5 man front ONLY.

2. Defensive linemen MUST be in a down position, 3 or 4 point stance. NOT 2. In a 5 man front the ends go down.

3. Defensive line (number on LOS) can move left or right etc. UNTIL the offensive QB says SET. Once SET has been established for the offense, it also sets the defensive front line players. Set means, the defensive front on LOS must remain in that position.



4. If movement is determined – illegal procedure is called and a 5yd penalty, (repeat down or keep play if it was good)

5. THERE IS NO BLITZING! Only linemen on the line of scrimmage can cross the line and they must be in either a 3 or 4 point stance so they are identifiable to the official and O line. The down linemen can cross the line once the ball is snapped.


Remaining defenders have to wait until the “End Box” is broken by the ball being carried or passed or a fumble before they can cross the line. For a violation to occur the entire body of the defender must be across the line. This is a judgment call by the official with a first offense warning, a REPLAY of the down and then 15 yards and an automatic 1st down thereafter.


No linebackers or corners or safeties can ever Blitz or shoot the gaps or penetrate into the offensive backfield . 6. Exception. Once an eligible ball carrier (QB, back or offensive end) runs laterally beyond the offensive ends box


than anyone on the defense is permitted to pursue and tackle on the offensive side of the LOS.

( Note: if the ball is fumbled by the offense, the ball is free, and anyone can pursue & recover ONLY. (U12 & 14 can advance)

7. A defender is considered in the offensive backfield only when all parts of his body have been established across the LOS.



8. No set player alignment for linebackers or safeties – you can have 2, 3 or 4 linebackers or 1 or 2 safeties and they can align anywhere off the LOS, as long as the total on defense does not exceed 8 defensive players.



9. Defenders cannot signal call once the QB starts his cadence. No noise or calling to confuse offense! This is unsportsmanlike and will result in a 15 yd penalty.

10. All football rules apply as to holding, clips, spearing, face masking, pass interference, blocking in the back, etc. (as with all officiating, this is to the referees discretion and interpretation at the time)

11. Coaches are allowed on the field in the same # per age group as the offense.

12. Coaches must be out of the “player’s area” once the offense comes to the line of scrimmage, coaches must move towards the sidelines.

13. If a defensive coach inadvertently interferes with the offense (referees discretion) then the offense can either take the play as is or a 10 yd penalty and automatic 1st down is enforced.

14. Coaches on the field cannot call out what the opposing team is doing after the snap.   If the coach sees the offense is running a reverse he CANNOT yell “REVERSE”.   This is a judgement call by the officials and the coach will get a warning on the first occurrence then a 10 yard penalty each time afterwards.   Coaches on the sideline can call out anything they like.



15. Line of scrimmage: The official will set the ball and then place a beanbag 1 yard into the defensive end of the field in order to identify to the defensive line where they can line up.

16. Safety: Worth 2 pts and team will then restart on the plus 45 yd line.





1. Kickoffs: Each half will start with a kick off. The kick off will take place from the 50, 45 & 40 yd line respective per age group. A ball kicked out of bounds without either team having possession will be spotted at the point where it exits the field for the receiving team. There is NO penalty for a ball kicked out of bounds. NO KICK OFF in the U8 division.



2. All kicking team members must start @ the LOS and remain there until the ball is kicked. Offsides by the kicking team will result in a 5 yd penalty and a re-kick or the ball will be spotted at the original LOS and the receiving team will start their possession.

3. The receiving team must have a minimum of 4 players 10 yds from the kicking LOS. ONLY ELIGIBLE BALL CARRIERS ARE



4. A muffed or dropped kick off is treated like a fumble.



5. Onside kicks must go 10 yds before ANY member of the kicking team can touch the ball. The kicking team must have a minimum of 3 players on both sides of the ball. NO OVERLOADING.

6. Punts will be free if so chosen. The punter will be given the ball and allowed to freely kick the ball 10 yds from behind the LOS (no rushing)

7. Punts can be fielded or allowed to roll until dead.

8. No return of punts, the ball will be put into place where it comes to final rest.

9. OR, free punts just re-spot the ball 35 yards or half the distance to the goal line if inside the 35.

10. Extra Point:. There will be a 1 and 2 pt run/kick option. Just from 2 different spots. The 1 pt option, team choice will be from



the 3 and the 2 pt choice be from the 8. So if a team wants to run/pass it for 1 pt they will snap the ball from the 3, if they want to run/pass for 2 pts they will snap it from the 8. If they choose to kick they’ll do the same from the respective spot and then the spotter will be back 7 yards. Extra Point: The holder MUST remain on one knee at all times 7yds from line of scrimmage. If the holder does not remain on one knee or the ball hits the ground the attempt is NO GOOD. This eliminates the 5 second call.


11. Field Goals will be the same procedure. Ball to be kicked 7 yards behind the LOS. Holder must stay on one knee.



12. Defense NO RUSH! Defense can jump up and down, yell, have hands up and waving (distraction is permissible).



13. Fumbles: All fumbles MUST be recovered.  



a. U8:  Fumble on Center/QB exchange is a dead ball.  All other fumbles must be recovered. NO Advancement.


b. U10: Fumble recovery only. NO Advancement.



c. U12: Fumble recovery and advancement EXCEPT for the Center/QB exchange.



d. U14: Full advancement of ALL recovered fumbles.



Clock Rule


1. 10 mins for U8 & U10

2. 12 mins for U12 & U14

3. The clock will continue to run with the exception of:


a. Extra point attempts- the clock will stop at the time a touchdown is scored and will restart after a touchdown once the ball is placed and is ready for play by the official.

b. 4th down free punts- the clock will stop at the signal by the referee that there is a free punt. The clock will restart once the


ball is placed for 1st down after the “free punt” occurs. This is only during a free punt. If an actual punt occurs the clock will stop once the punt play is blown dead and will not restart until the ball is placed for 1st down.

c. The clock will stop during time outs and will not restart until the ball is snapped by the offense, and when the official requests a stoppage for injury or to confer with coaches and/or league officials.



d. The clock will stop inside the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half during the following:



 Incomplete passes

 Player going out of bounds with the ball as signaled by the referee


 Ball being spiked by the QB

 After a 1st down is made the clock will stop until the ball has been spotted, it will then restart. Both signals should be given by the officials on the field.



General rules


Weight limit: (body weight without pads, shorts only) Any player weighing more than the following will be restricted to down lineman status only, and must be in a 3 or 4 point stance. All non-ball carrying eligible players (ie over the weight restriction) MUST play on either the offensive or defensive line. On Offense they must be either a Center or Guard, NOT END or FB!! Only NON restricted players can play D-end unless you are playing a 3 or 4 man front, then your RESTRICTED ONLY D-end(s) must line up INSIDE head up of the O-end until the ball is snapped.


1. Restricted players:



a. U8: Over 80

b. U10: Over 100

c. U12: Over 120

d. U14: Over 140



 Fumbles/interceptions cannot be advanced by anyone over the weight eligibility.

 If a restricted player intentionally gets the ball, the play shall be blown dead and a 15 yd. penalty is incurred along with loss of down.


 Weights will be determined at the beginning of season and those over the weight eligibility will be denoted with a sticker on the player’s helmet.


 Weights will be checked upon coaches’ requests. If you have a player that is in question, be proactive and have your player weighed in prior to your game. An official “weigh-in” can take place as early as 8:00am of a game day. This weight will stand for the day.



2. All players are expected to play. All players are either starters on offense and or defense and will play the entire 1st series with the exception of injury, regardless of the length of that series. (3 and out or a 9 play drive that results in a score)

a. All players are then expected to play ½ of the entire game. The coaches will substitute their kids in and out as necessary to accomplish the organization’s goal of all kids playing ½ of the game. Not ½ of the offensive or defensive plays, ½ of the game.



b. Exceptions: injuries & unexcused missed practices. If a player chooses to go out or has to go out due to injury his return should be evaluated by the bench coach and can return as soon as the course of play allows.

3. Coaches who do not follow this guideline will not be asked to coach in the future and there will become a mandatory substitution



policy implemented.

This league is for the kids and all teams were created as equal as possible.

4. Time-outs: 2 per half with each time out being 2 minutes or less in duration. The length of the time out is determined by the team that used their respective time out. (max. 2 minutes)

5. Game starts with a coin flip; winner has choice of kicking or receiving, the other team chooses 1st half direction.



6. If a game ends in a tie:



a. Coin flip to determine 1st possession and the ball will be placed at the 10 yd line.



b. Each team will get a chance to score to tie or win the game.



c. Play will continue until a winner is decided.



d. If a 2nd OT is required the team that is on defense will start the 2nd OT on offense



e. This alternate start will continue with the each OT.




7. After Jamboree weekend teams are ONLY allowed to practice 2 times per week for a total of 4 hrs. This does not include pre-game warm up time. You are to practice at the complex fields. Forfeiture of a game will be enforced for violation of this rule.



8. Referee Policies and Discretion’s: Remember it is our intention for the players to play football not to be a penalty ridden demonstration of who knows the rules:

a. We will not call penalties that are minor in nature.

b. Minor infractions will not be called, but explanations, instructions and warnings will be issued. Constant repeat offenders will be penalized according to the referees’ discretion per the rules in place.

c. Clips and holding (you will see holding on every play) will only be called if it directly affects outcome of the play or is malicious in nature.


Ex: Offensive ball carrier ran for long gain or touchdown, only because the defender that had a good football position was held or blocked from behind. This would be call and penalized according to the rule book. Play held on opposite side of the field that had no impact on outcome of play, no call but warning to player and coach along with explanation and proper instructions.

d. All personal fouls, un-sportsmanship and safety calls will be made (each and every time regardless of where on the field).


If intentional, removal of game could be utilized.


Ex: Spearing, face masking (deliberate), vulgar language, fighting, disrespect of coaches and officials, showboating, taunting and other acts that either the coaches or officials feel is not a part of our organization. Coaches please respect each other and the officials at all times and when these calls are made, let’s not make a bad situation worse.

9.  In the case there is an 18 pt scoring differential in the 2nd half a running clock will be used and will only stop during time outs and injury time.

10. If there is an 18 pt scoring differential at any point in the game the officials will choose 2 players from the leading team to sit out.  These players can renter the game once the differential is less than 18 points.   The officials may choose different players on offense and defense to sit out.   The intent of this is to eliminate running up the score and to give the team that is losing more opportunities to have some success.   It takes it out of the coach’s hands when it comes to controlling the game.

11. On change of possession once the ball is placed and is ready for play the clock will start! Not at the snap of the ball.

12. Only coaching staff, statistician, and team mom can be on the bench side of the field during the game. All parents are on the opposite side of the field behind the safety line while the game is being played.

13. Unsportsmanlike conduct by a player on the sidelines will result in a 15 yd penalty.



(Helmet throwing, cursing, taunting etc.)






U8 Division Unique Rules



1-­­ Game starts with the ball on the offensive teams 30 yd line. 2-­­ Field Dimensions: 80 X 30 The 40 yd line is mid field.


3-­­ Punts are a net 30 yds but not to exceed the 20 yd line of the opposing team. Any punt from the 30 yd line forward of the opposite side of the field results in the ball being placed on the 20 yd line.


4-­­ No overtime. Game ends in a tie.


5-­­ No passing rule. Teams are not required to pass the football.


6-­­ Offensive team has 30 seconds to break the huddle. Official’s discretion is the rule due to the age of the boys.


7 – If the ball is fumbled during the QB/Center exchange it is a dead ball.


8-­­ Officials and coaches are encouraged to stop the game to instruct the players after a penalty or infraction. "Teaching opportunities"


9-­­ Any disagreement with coaching needs to be addressed with the coach or the league commissioner after the game in a professional manner.


10 -­­ Disagreements with officials do not exist. We are coaching 1st and 2nd gra


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